My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people. - Isaiah 56:7


Welcome to Congregation House of Israel

With approximately 60 member households and multiple unaffiliated households, Congregation House of Israel is located in the culturally active and diverse city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. When you open our doors, you enter a community that is vibrant, evolving, ancient and cool. You’ll discover a congregation engaged in social action, cultural activities, and lifelong learning – a community living its Jewish values, giving meaning and providing a strong foundation from which to grow.  

At the heart of our community is this ethic: that every resource required by a Jewish family – including interfaith families and LGBT families – is available at House of Israel. For parents of young children, we provide a chance to do their part to honor the work of their ancestors, by passing along our rich traditions. And for those who may have lost touch with Judaism over the years, we open the door for rewarding reentry and opportunities to help keep the light of our faith alive.